About us and what we do

SEEN is a Copenhagen-based CGI Studio, founded by photographer Sigurd Høyen, as a natural extension of many years of work in photography. Based on profound technical expertise and knowledge, we produce photorealistic Computer Generated stills and animations, where creativity and aesthetics are united. We always work in depth with visualizing products, materials, and surfaces in a natural light setting to create authentic expressions. This unique approach to image-making is based on a deep understanding of light, shadows, reflections, and composition. Animations are a great way to engage an audience, by adding movement it’s possible to significantly enhance the way any product is perceived, be it for explanatory purposes or pure aesthetics.

We are often involved early in the creative process teaming up with our clients as their Visual Strategic Partner. Based on our 20+ years of experience, we know what it takes to build and strengthen a brand's visual expression to make it stand out.

As CGI lends a lot of flexibility, we are able to give the best possible advice regarding solutions and possibilities within any given timeframe or budget. Often product visualization is used to prepare and produce photo-realistic branding and sales material, even before the product exists. Iterations can always be made down the line, and as a client, you no longer need to feel restricted.

By using CGI in the creative process, a new set of possibilities have become available. The beforehand only imaginable has become possible, thereby expanding the creative boundaries. We love to explore, research, and try out new stuff, as this allows us to push and develop the creative line for each specific brand and product we engage in.

Come work with us

We collaborate with various freelancers on a regular basis, so please let us know if you should be one of them. You should be a highly skilled self-reliant 3D generalist, with the ability to execute a job from start to finish. Be extremely detail oriented, and have a passion for design and aesthetics. But most of all you have great work and a good attitude. Our pipeline right now consists of  C4D / Octane / Rhino / Substance / Marvelous / Adobe Creative Suite. Drop us a line about your specific profile, and please include a link to your portfolio.

We’re looking for talented interns. Let us know what sets you apart and what makes your profile unique. Experience with Cinema 4D is a plus, but not a must, but a sharp eye for design and aesthetics is advantageous. If that sounds like you, drop us a line and please include a link to your portfolio. Internships are min. 6 months.

We are always interested in hearing from dedicated and skilled people, so let us know what you can bring to the team.

Please contact us at hello@seen.dk

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