About us and what we do

SEEN is a CGI Studio rooted in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, envisioned by photographer Sigurd Høyen as a natural progression from years dedicated to the art of photography. Infused with profound technical expertise, we specialize in the production of photorealistic Computer Generated stills and animations, seamlessly blending creativity and aesthetics. Our commitment to authenticity is evident in our approach, as we delve deep into the visualization of products, materials, and surfaces in natural light settings. This unique method results in expressions that resonate with realism, underpinned by a nuanced understanding of light, shadows, reflections, and composition.

In the realm of animations, we recognize the power of movement to captivate audiences. Whether for explanatory purposes or sheer aesthetics, adding motion significantly enhances the perception of any product. At SEEN, we bring products to life, engaging your audience through dynamic visual storytelling.
At SEEN, we actively engage in the creative process from its early stages, partnering with our clients as their Visual Strategic Partner. With over 20 years of experience, we possess the insights needed to build and fortify a brand's visual expression, ensuring it stands out in the market.

Leveraging the flexibility inherent in CGI, we offer expert advice on solutions and possibilities, tailored to meet specific timeframes and budgets. Product visualization, a key component, enables the creation of photorealistic branding and sales material, often well before the product comes into existence. This approach allows for iterative improvements, granting clients unparalleled flexibility.

Integrating CGI into the creative process opens up a realm of possibilities that were once only imaginable. This expansion of creative boundaries empowers us to explore, research, and experiment with new ideas, pushing the envelope for each unique brand and product we undertake. With CGI, the previously unimaginable is now within reach, fostering innovation and elevating the creative journey.

Come work with us

We collaborate with various freelancers on a regular basis, so please let us know if you should be one of them. You should be a highly skilled self-reliant 3D generalist, with the ability to execute a job from start to finish. Be extremely detail oriented, and have a passion for design and aesthetics. But most of all you have great work and a good attitude. Our pipeline right now consists of  C4D / Octane / Rhino / Substance / Marvelous / Adobe Creative Suite. Drop us a line about your specific profile, and please include a link to your portfolio.

We’re looking for talented interns. Let us know what sets you apart and what makes your profile unique. Experience with Cinema 4D is a plus, but not a must, but a sharp eye for design and aesthetics is advantageous. If that sounds like you, drop us a line and please include a link to your portfolio. Internships are min. 6 months.

We are always interested in hearing from dedicated and skilled people, so let us know what you can bring to the team.

Please contact us at hello@seen.dk

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